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OG Blood Bath Print StreetMX - Red

OG Blood Bath Print StreetMX - Red

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Designed to give the look and feel of a thin MX glove but built stronger by adding a thin perforated leather palm. Strategic stitching placements and double reinforced impact seams to add a level of durability and protection from the streets.

We’ve added the new signature flip tip finger & thumb for dexterity and touchscreen functionality as well as double stitched debossed suede straps allowing for better wrist conformity and stronger velcro adhesion. The placement and shape of the straps lands intentionally over the wrist bone to add as a secondary layer of impact protection from uncompromising asphalt.
It wouldn’t be an Odin glove without the magnetic tank grabbers. Simple but highly effective design that helps keeps your gloves from sliding off the seat while you’re gearing up. The bonus feature of the magnet is storage options when you’re not riding and they’re built discreetly into the reinforced double stitched pull tab.
Be sure to take the time and measure your hands and compare them to the size chart and use the printable PDF hand shapes if not 100% sure.
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